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4 years ago

Thank you

4 years ago

How can I best convince senior stakeholders to invest in CX analytics and CX transformation projects in the first place, especially right now during the crisis where budgets are tight?

Majed Ghorbal
4 years ago

do you think NPS is the right metric to assess the success of your CX strategy?

4 years ago

Thanks for the productive session
Question :
How can we use the customer pulse app with our clients ?
This shall be via physical interaction with clients during this pandemic situation? How can we resolve this ?
We are looking to conduct NPS exercise to assess our clients’ banking experience and how to improve further on the pain points voiced by clients? How this will be applied? How Qualtrix can support ?

4 years ago

Please what do you advise we can do with regards to managing customer experience during these covid times where the Contact Centre agent capacity is very limited due to lockdown and social distancing. Customers aren’t being responded to in record time as before…please advise on what can be done within these limitations