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Sultan Rehman
1 year ago

Is it possible to get a copy of the presentation?

Fiona Leigh
1 year ago

Hi, is it possible to get a copy of this update thanks. Much appreciated. Fiona

syed AsadUllah
1 year ago

Thanks a lot for nice session.. Appreciate it

1 year ago

How can retailers sustain their digital innovations made specifically for the pandemic post the covid pandemic?

syed AsadUllah
1 year ago

Very low volume please

1 year ago

How this cutting edge technology cost the business to deploy and does size of the business matters?

Elizabeth Kuruvilla
1 year ago

Which ecommerce platform would you recommend in UAE if I want to offer my customers the option of making digital payment for the services that we offer

1 year ago


Dr.satish mapara
1 year ago

I am dr.satish mapara from globeapex management consultants Dubai.
Is there any authenticated printed or digital book available with ease of understsnding seversl skills applicable forming part of digital assets??